Telia and Telenor have switched off their 3G mobile networks in Denmark.

In doing so, the duo become the latest MNOs to shut down the legacy wireless network.

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Both telcos will instead focus the bandwidth and frequencies on developing their respective 4G and 5G mobile networks.

Telia noted that it is planning to either sell its 3G equipment to a partner or recycle the kit, which it says totals approximately 13,000 pieces, including servers, switches, and mobile transmitters.

The operator paid tribute to 3G, noting its importance in the telecom industry and evolution of mobile services.

"3G was really a taste of the future. The network helped to show the huge potential that mobile phones had," said Telia Denmark's technology director Daniel Askeroth, who was originally hired to plan the local rollout of 3G technology for the company.

"And when the real smartphones and the 4G networks came a few years later, the technology really took off, because the customers had already got a clear idea of ​​what we could use the mobile technology for via the 3G network."

Telia also stated that by removing obsolete 3G equipment, its overall mobile network will become more reliable and efficient.

As for Telenor, the operator revealed that it switched off the last of its 3G equipment earlier this week, as the operator noted it has 4,200 masts scattered around the country, which will see upgrades and modernization.

"The shutdown of the 3G network is a major milestone, and it is with some sadness that we now say goodbye to a network and a technology that changed Danes' mobile habits to such an extent and introduced a new world of digital possibilities," said Telenor Denmark CEO, Lars Thomsen.

"But we are delighted that we can now offer customers even better experiences with the mobile network with increased speed and capacity geared to future data needs. The fact that it also becomes more energy efficient is just a bonus."

Earlier this year, Greek operator Nova called time on its legacy 3G network, while several other operators around the world have outlined plans to retire 3G networks recently to enhance 4G and 5G services, including the likes of Orange, Vodafone, Telia Estonia, and more.

In the US, Verizon became the last of the big three US carriers to switch off 3G services, when it called time on the technology at the end of 2022.

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