Centrin Data and Huawei Digital Power held a signing ceremony for a strategic cooperation in Beijing this week.

The two companies agreed to co-operate on data center business, data center infrastructure, smart photovoltaics, green energy storage, comprehensive smart energy management, and 'other fields.'

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– Centrin Data

Centrin Data will carry out priority cooperation with Huawei Digital Energy in consulting design, engineering construction, operation and maintenance management, etc.,

Yang Jie, Chairman of Centrin Data, said: “By adopting Huawei’s innovative solutions systematically, the two sides jointly build the industry’s most advanced future-oriented green and intelligent data center, which not only meets the financial industry customers’ requirements for data center security and reliability, but also meets the development direction of green and low-carbon data center under the background of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.”

Centrin Data and Huawei will reportedly jointly build an integrated data center in Ulanqab, and a PUE data center in Tianjin to ‘set a new banner’ for China’s data center industry.

Founded in 2005, Beijing-based Centrin offers cloud computing and information system outsourcing services to enterprises and institutions in China. The company operates facilities in Wuhan, Kunshan, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Yantai. The company has previously partnered with SpaceDC and Gaw Capital Partners.

SpaceDC partners with Aofei

There was another data center agreement announced in China this week. Singapore's SpaceDC this week also announced a partnership with Aofei Data International, a subsidiary of Guandong Aofei Data Technology Company Limited.

Aofei operates nine facilities across China, and the deal will see the companies working together to sell Aofei’s data center, CDN, and SDN services in China.

“Aofei has designed a robust, global CDN and SDN network that deliver both speed to market and flexibility at the point of use” said Alex Yang, CEO for Aofei. “With SpaceDC we can effectively work together to combine our expertise to support the growth of their customers in China by providing an easy to use service.”

“Through this strategic partnership we can provide our customers direct access to an agnostic CDN and SDN network in multiple locations in China.” added Jeffrey Tay, EVP of Strategic Partnerships for SpaceDC. “The choice to work with Aofei was due to the rich technology backbone they have developed over the years.”

The deal announcement mentions Aofei's Guangzhou, Langfang City, and Shenzhen campuses. CAN2 is a single four-story building in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province offering 5MW across 7,200 sqm (77,500 sq ft). CAN3, also in Guangzhou offers 62MW across seven four-story buildings totaling 75,000 sqm (800,300 sq ft).

In Langfang City, Hebei Province, the company's PKX2 data center offers 153MW across 13 five-story buildings totaling 170,000 sqm (1.83 million sq ft). The 8,600 sqm (92,560 sq ft) SZX1 in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province offers 3MW from a single one-story facility.

SpaceDC, formerly known as Polymer Connected, is developing data center campuses in Indonesia, India, and the Philippines totaling 158MW.

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