Aligned Data Centers has finished work on a new build-to-suit data center in Utah.

The company this week announced that it had completed the first phase of a new data center in the Salt Lake Metro Area. Specifications weren’t shared.

Aligned first announced plans for SLC-04 in August 2021. The company also has another campus in West Jordan, Utah, which currently has two data centers; this facility was built ahead of a third master-planned facility for a customer at a different campus.

Aligned SLC-02 Data Center.jpeg
Aligned's SLC-02 facility – Aligned

“This time last year, our customer came to us with a critical need: to secure new capacity in the Salt Lake Metro Area and be online in early 2022. That left Aligned with the task of locating and purchasing a new site, creating a custom design, and launching a data center – all in under 10 months," said Andrew Schaap, CEO of Aligned. "I couldn’t be more pleased with our organization and how each of us leans in to meet our customer’s expectations and make this project a success.”

The company said the new data center will use Aligned’s patented Delta3 cooling technology with a waterless heat rejection system.

“Given that water conservation is now recognized as a critical pillar of corporate environmental stewardship and a climate secure planet, infrastructure must also continuously evolve and adapt to the needs of hyperscalers and our ecosystem. Our new Build-to-Scale waterless data center in the Silicon Slopes, while still delivering industry-leading Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), is an exemplar of Aligned’s continuous innovation that satisfies all these requirements,” added Schaap.

Aligned opened its SLC-02 facility in March 2021. The facility, built on a greenfield site, has 48MW power, expandable to 60MW, and 240,000 sq ft (22,300 sq m) of space. SLC-01 is 300,000 sq ft (27,900 sqm) and has 34MW of capacity.

SLC-04 is Aligned is the first facility of approximately 270MW of new development the company said it has planned in 2022.

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