Aligned Data Centers is building another data center at its Phoenix campus in Arizona.

The company this week announced the planned development of PHX-05, a greenfield deployment.

Aligned Energy Phoenix
– Aligned Energy

Aligned didn’t share specifications, but said the facility would be built to an ‘aggressive timeline’.

“Phoenix is one of the largest and most dynamic data center markets in the US, and has become a much sought-after destination for hyperscalers, cloud service providers, and large enterprises looking to deploy their digital infrastructure in proximity to the West Coast,” states Andrew Schaap, CEO of Aligned. “Aligned’s latest hyperscale data center not only answers the call of massive campus scalability as well as water conservation in a water-strained region, but also highlights our team’s continuous ability to rapidly deliver facilities in the highly strategic and sought-after locations our customers demand.”

The facility will use Aligned’s Delta³ cooling technology with a waterless heat rejection system to create a waterless data center.

Opened in 2017 and expanded in 2018, Aligned’s 55-acre Phoenix campus has room for 550,000 sq ft of data center and 180MW of capacity.

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