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2:45PM EDT // 7:45PM BST

Thanks to Billy for wrapping up the day with a great presentation. You can connect with Billy, or watch the full presentation for free, on-demand with our on-demand archive.

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2:27PM EDT // 7:27PM BST

Turnkey packages offered by organizations like Aggreko are becoming more popular.

I wonder if any other industries have this level of 'plug and play' for such large scale infrastructure.

2:11PM EDT // 7:11PM BST

Great visual from Billy on the power across the lifecycle of the data center.

Aggreko Snapshot.JPG

2:00PM EDT // 7:00PM BST

Thanks to both Luca and Matt for a fantastic presentation. Remember to connect with them both on our dedicated networking app, and access their presentation on-demand, for free.

Billy Durie - Liveblog Car.jpg

Our final presentation for the day will feature Billy Durie, Aggreko and will examine how new sustainable solutions are emerging that have the potential to shake up traditional site selection, and create an environment that is conducive to building at speed and scale.

Luca Beltramino - Liveblog Car.jpg

1:29PM EDT // 6:29PM BST

Massive traffic numbers shared by Luca - how quickly can the industry react?

Will networks in the future struggle with capacity

1:24PM EDT // 6:24PM BST

Some great feedback and takeaways from the team at Critical Environments Group.

LinkedIn Snip.JPG

1:13PM EDT // 6:13PM BST

The new paradigm as described by Matt.

More IT, in more places - and faster.

Vertiv New Paradigm.JPG

12:58PM EDT // 5:58PM BST

What a comprehensive look at the impacts of Covid-19. Thanks to Michael, Brian and John for an in-depth discussion. You can connect with the panel on our dedicated networking app, and watch the panel on-demand for free.

Scale Day 2 - Last Panel.jpg

Our next presentation will examine the flexibility and scale that prefab/modular allows for to meet long-term demand changes, in addition to the revenue generating benefits.

Will Uptime Tier-Ready prefab data centers change the deployment game?

Matt Weil, Director of Offering Management, Vertiv

Luca Beltramino, Senior Vice President, Global Programs, Uptime Institute

Michael Riordan - Liveblog Car.jpg

12:40PM EDT // 5:40PM BST

"If you go back ten years or more standardization is the last thing people wanted."

Oh how times have changed! Where will be in the next ten years?

Brian Whelan - Liveblog Car.jpg

John Diamond - Liveblog Car.jpg

12:19PM EDT // 5:19PM BST

Great conversation between Brian and John on how to manage both staff and infrastructure.

Remote hands becoming more and more prevalent across a range of infrastructure specifications.

Michael Riordan - Liveblog Car.jpg

12:10PM EDT // 5:10PM BST

Great points from Michael on the agility of cloud-based companies.

Often able to react quicker and have managed change more successfully than a lot of 'on the ground' organizations.

11:55AM EDT // 4:55PM BST

Many thanks to our panel on previewing some really innovative technology that can help your data center builds flourish. Remember you can re-watch the panel on-demand, for free, and connect with panellists and delegates, on our dedicated networking app.

Day 2 Scale - Panel 3.jpg

Buckle up for our next panel in just five minutes:

JP Burger - Liveblog Car.jpg

11:48AM EDT // 4:48PM BST

A great overview from JP, especially with so many people in the industry interested in proactive maintenance and seeing how effective it is versus more traditional models.

Great points on how proactive maintenance can prevent under-performing infrastructure.

Ross Kennedy - Liveblog Car.jpg

11:27AM EDT // 4:27PM BST

A common theme around predictive analytics coming from through from Ross.

Great points about the importance of data in the management of data center operations.

John Goosseff - Liveblog Car.jpg

11:15AM EDT // 4:15PM BST

Fantastic summary from John on ABB's offerings. Always great to see what is on offer from leading organizations.

HRG technology sounds very interesting for data center infrastructure.

10:49AM EDT // 3:49PM BST

Like George said, a virtual round of applause to Tag for his presentation. Remember you can access the presentation on-demand, for free and connect with Tag on our dedicated networking platform.

Day 2 Scale - Panel 2.jpg

Our next panel is Day 2 of our Tech showcases, demonstrating new and innovative tech that's impacting the industry.

10:26AM EDT // 3:26PM BST

Some really great examples from Tag - will visualization platforms and AI become commonplace data center management tools in the future? Perhaps the Covid-19 pandemic is pushing these ideas forward faster than the industry would have anticipated.

10:11AM EDT // 3:11PM BST

Great overview on QTS' commitment to 'SELL' - how and what they attribute their key success factors to.

QTS - Sales.JPG

Tag Greason - Liveblog Car.jpg

9:31AM EDT // 2:31PM BST

Thanks to Daniel for that impressive case study. Remember you can re-watch the panel on-demand, for free, and connect with panellists and delegates, on our dedicated networking app.

In our next session we'll hear from Tag Greason, QTS went about their ambitious 'Project Joshua' build.

9:25AM EDT // 2:25PM BST

Some really great visuals from the team at Bouygues. If you're not following along, get the webinar on-demand so you can see the videos in the on24 platform.

9:12AM EDT // 2:12PM BST

The production line methodology Daniel mentioned is perhaps becoming more common give it's apparent success. The key processes in Bouygues' approach to their London data centers reduced errors and misunderstandings both internally and with external suppliers.

9:07AM EDT // 2:07PM BST

Great snapshot from Daniel that demonstrates Bouygues' role in the data center industry.

Bouygues Services.JPG

8:58AM EDT // 1:58PM BST

A big thanks to Alex, Bruce and Pete for a fantastic and insightful panel. Remember you can re-watch the panel on-demand, for free, and connect with panellists and delegates, on our dedicated networking app.

Daniel Mace - Liveblog Car.jpg

Our next panel features Daniel Mace Executive Vice President for Data Centres, Bouygues E&S. You can tune into that by registering at the link below:

Bruce Stephenson - Liveblog Car.jpg

8:40AM EDT // 1:40PM BST

"Hyperscalers want the ability to secure large capacity in Tier 1 markets."

Some great insights from Bruce on the role build-to-suit, and how much flexibility is available.

Alex Sharp - Liveblog Car.jpg

8:20AM EDT // 1:20PM BST

Great question from the audience on the definition of wholesale - Alex says that for Iron Mountain it's typically about megawatts and space taken up in the data halls.

Pete Kangas - Liveblog Car.jpg

8:17AM EDT // 1:17PM BST

Interesting points from Pete on the shift from smaller, more incremental data halls to large-scale builds that we are seeing today.

Is this a trend we're seeing across the board?

Day 2 Scale - Panel 1.jpg

7:40AM EDT // 12:40PM BST

A big thank you to Brent for a great start to the day. Remember you can re-watch Brent's presentation on-demand, for free, and connect with Brent and the team from Digital Realty.

Our next panel of the day will examine how customer demands are evolving and what this means for the future of wholesale build.

7:20AM EDT // 12:20PM BST

Great point on organizational agility in response to crises - be quick, but don't hurry. We've seen that the data center industry across the globe has been able to respond quite effectively to many of the lockdown and social distancing measures implemented to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

7:12AM EDT // 12:12PM BST

Great snapshot from Brent on Digital Realty's presence across the globe.

Digital realty - Global map.JPG

Brent Shinall - Liveblog Car.jpg

4:30AM EDT // 9:28AM BST

Our first panel of the day will feature Brent Shinall, VP Supply Chain & Procurement at Digital Realty. Brent will speak on the importance of best-of-breed design and delivery, DRT’s approach to suring up the supply chain for each of the company’s 225 facilities and tackling the challenges of building at scale during a pandemic. Make sure you're registered for the session, and utilize our dedicated networking app to connect with Brent and other delegates once the panel has concluded.