ITRenew is a multinational corporation creating circularity models and second lives for some of the most advanced data center technology on the planet. Our circular approach starts with securely and efficiently decommissioning hardware for the world’s largest global hyperscalers, then transforming it into everything from critical components, to best-in-class, fully integrated edge and data center infrastructure.

With sustainably sourced products and services that power cloud and enterprise data centers, edge infrastructure, AI/ML, embedded and industrial systems worldwide, ITRenew is opening up billions in new financial opportunity across the ecosystem, eliminating the 75% of pre-use phase carbon tied to IT globally, and making hyperscale-grade hardware accessible to and affordable for all.

We’re the creator of Sesame, the world’s first-ever line of recertified, warrantied, no compromise rack-scale compute, storage and networking solutions. We design cost, CO2 and supply constraints out of new IT hardware systems by tapping into existing, highly-available, industry-proven materials. Our closed-loop supply chain enables us to deliver critical infrastructure 4 times faster and at 50% lower TCO than conventional OEMs, giving our customers the outsized performance, time-to-value and environmental advantages they need to achieve their financial growth and decarbonization targets.

ITRenew has the comprehensive expertise, technology and services required to orchestrate the entire lifecycle of data center assets, from deployment to decommissioning to re-engineering and reuse. This is why data center owners, service providers, and enterprises worldwide choose ITRenew to design, build, sustainably scale and securely decommission their critical infrastructure.