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As the dust settles, the post-pandemic business value of a hybrid IT environment has come into sharp focus for the modern enterprise. With the ability to rapidly deploy infrastructure in a third-party facility, scale with ease in the public cloud, whilst maintaining control over confidential proprietary data on-premise, it is no surprise that firms are doubling down on their efforts to move workloads between colocation and the cloud.

With the rise of AI, IoT, 5G and edge adoption igniting the need for digital transformation within the enterprise sector, it is essential for enterprise IT and capacity planning professionals to balance the need for speed, agility, security and cost-efficiency with a focus on how their data infrastructure impacts the environment.

As we host the world’s leading voices on hybrid IT and multi-tenant computing, we will ask:

  • Can public cloud fend off workload repatriation?
  • Is there sufficient transparency around sustainability in your enterprise IT supply chain?
  • How sale leaseback unlocks sustainability opportunity for major FMCG company

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