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Exploring onsite power generation & backup power options

Innovating data center backup and on-site power generation to ensure robustness in an increasingly energy hungry operation

As global energy supplies become ever more volatile, it is critical for data centers to develop a robust ‘Plan B’ to ensure lights-on operations in the event of an outage. However with myriad technologies available for backup power and onsite generation, what exactly should they invest in to ensure uptime in mission critical environments, whilst driving their sustainability agendas?

This broadcast will explore how data centers are innovating their backup power to ensure reliability and help support the move to renewable fuels. This will address the move away from diesel, and how technologies like HVO ready gensets will be imperative to this transition. This series will also address the future of energy storage, assessing the latest in batteries as well as the outlook for hydrogen to allow data centers to prepare their operations for further developments in the market.

Streaming live on September 6

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