Rhonda Ascierto

Vice President of Research, Uptime Institute

Rhonda Ascierto is Vice President of Research at Uptime Institute, delivering forward-looking research and consulting to help Uptime Institute clients and the Network community adapt to and prepare for the major changes expected in digital infrastructure ahead. Ascierto, a well-known and influential data center analyst, focuses on emerging technologies and innovation at the intersection of IT and infrastructure.

Ascierto previously served as Research Director of Datacenters and Critical Infrastructure at 451 Research (both companies are part of the 451 Group). She has spent nearly a decade at the crossroads of IT and business as an analyst, consultant, speaker and editor covering the technology and competitive forces that shape the global IT industry.

Before joining 451 Research, Rhonda was a senior analyst in energy and sustainability IT at Ovum. Previously, she had a successful career as an IT reporter and editor, mostly in Silicon Valley, at a number of well-known industry publications.

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