Mark Thiele

CEO & Founder, Edgevana

Mark Thiele is the CEO and Founder of Edgevana, a startup dedicated to helping expand and improve the data center services market by providing the buyer with an exceptional experience and the sellers with the tools needed to compete more effectively on a global playing field.  

Thiele has over 30 years experience in IT executive roles at HP, Gilead, VMware, Brocade, Switch, Apcera, and Ericsson, with his most recent work being almost exclusively associated with edge computing. Thiele’s work includes building data centers, deploying global networks, virtual and cloud infrastructure and designing and deploying solutions for Edge. 

Thiele is an industry spokesperson on trends, data center strategy, sustainability, and efficiency.  He is also an expert in edge computing, cloud and IT adoption strategies . He is the Chairman for the technical committee, co-founder of Data Center Pulse, technical contributor to The Green Grid, member of IBM Cloud Minds, and has numerous followers of his blogs and podcasts. Mark is also an advisor, and board member to several technology startups.

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