Vantage Data Centers has completed its acquisition of the Welsh data center campus Next Generation Data (NGD).

NGD is Vantage’s sixth European site following its acquisition of Etix Everywhere and its expansion into Berlin, Frankfurt, Milan, Warsaw, and Zurich.

InfraVia and Vantage agreed to the sale of the data center back in April.

The data center is sited in an industrial park in the town of Marshfield, close to the Welsh capital, Cardiff.

NGD data center in Wales
The NGD data center – NGD

Case closed

The NGD campus is a 72MW facility and comes with the capacity for a 108MW expansion. Microsoft is believed to be a customer of the site.

NGD was seeking planning permission to build four new three-story buildings before the Covid-19 lockdown, causing a row with local activists who say the plans could damage residents' quality of life.

The staff at NGD will now join Vantage Europe, Vantage Data Center's European branch. Former NGD CEO Justin Jenkins will serve as COO of Vantage Europe and president of Vantage UK.

Sureel Choksi, president and CEO, Vantage Data Centers, said: “Vantage is excited to enter the UK market and is committed to growing around the world in locations that are most critical to our hyperscale and cloud customers.”

The NGD acquisition was funded with equity commitments from Digital Colony, the data center branch of Colony Capital, and other investors in Vantage, as well as acquisition debt financing.

Marc Ganzi, CEO of Colony Capital and Digital Colony, said: “As the world continues fighting this global pandemic and experiences a secular shift in enterprise cloud adoption, the rapid development of data centers is more critical than ever to meet heightened customer demand.

"Vantage Europe’s acquisition of NGD is a significant example of providing hyperscale capacity to an underserved market.”

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Vantage's European expansion

Vantage has been involved in a portfolio partnership worth $3.5bn with a set of investors including Colony Capital, CBRE Caledon, Hana Financial Investment, and a fund sponsored by Rasmala Investment Bank.

As part of the deal with investors, Vantage agreed to sell equity stakes on 12 of its facilities in return for $1.2bn to pump into its planned expansions in America and Europe.

The portfolio offered to investors covers more than 1.4 million sq ft (130,000 sq m) and over 150MW of IT capacity.