Thailand-based power plant operator B. Grimm Power Plc (BGRIM) has announced plans to expand into the data center industry.

The company is in talks to supply 300MW of electricity from renewable sources to data center operators, and will also provide equipment for the industry, according to a report in the Bangkok Post.

BGRIM is based in Thailand – Getty Images

Nopadej Karnasuta, senior executive VP for investment, innovation, and sustainability at BGRIM, said plans are also in place to invest in a data center with a capacity of 100-200MW.

The proposed venture could involve an asset acquisition or a new development, estimated to cost $10 million per megawatt, according to the report.

Kaohon International reported the company plans to feed energy to a client operating a 100MW data center which could eventually be scaled up to 500MW.

Karnasuta added the company was allocating approximately 12 billion baht ($330m) towards enhancing its infrastructure to better serve end-users, with a focus on smart utilities.

Plans include the launch of a green energy project including a 102MW solar installation at a Siam City Cement plant in Sanaburi, Thailand.

BGRIM also announced on LinkedIn it would be partnering with Greenergy to develop solar energy projects with a target capacity of 100-300MW, through power purchase agreements (PPAs).

The company currently has an installed capacity of 3338MW, according to its website, and aims to obtain PPAs totaling 10,000MW by 2030.

DCD reported last year that AWS, Microsoft, and Google all had plans to invest a combined $8.5 billion in Thailand data centers.

Google announced plans for a Thai cloud region in August 2022 and Amazon followed with its own announcement in October of the same year. Amazon also launched a Local Zone Edge location in Bangkok in December 2022.

Microsoft announced plans to build a Thai cloud region earlier this month. NTT broke ground on a 12MW data center in Bangkok earlier this year, expected to go live in 2025.