A number of services were brought down this week due to data center outages caused by the Texas power cuts.

The state has enacted rolling power cuts as it is battered by Storm Uri. A poorly funded and poorly regulated grid lost tens of gigawatts of power, leaving millions without heating.

Most major data center operators have switched to diesel generators when the rolling cuts reach them, and have been able to maintain services. But some have struggled, knocking customers offline.

The identity of the impacted data centers is unknown

– NASA/Wikimedia Commons

Florida healthcare provider Availity lost availability at its Texas data center for 11 hours on Monday.

"In an effort to prevent interruption, our data center provider attempted to transfer power from their primary systems to their backup system. This transfer failed and cause an abrupt shutdown of our systems.

"Because of the nature of the failure, we determined that it may exacerbate recovery time if we attempt to failover to Availity's disaster recover facility in Georgia." Also impacted is the Greyhound Bus company. "Due to severe weather across Texas, we are experiencing power outages in our data centers impacting the ability to sell and display tickets on Greyhound.com, our mobile app and in our call centers," the company said. The problem is still ongoing.

The California Medical Association, despite the name, runs its IT operations out of Dallas. Data center issues there brought its Medi-Cal website offline for a number of hours. The Dane County Credit Union also operates its data center in Texas, so the power outage in Texas affected its online banking service. A number of these outages were also reported by Data Center Frontier.

Update: Video game Dreadnought was also impacted. "Dreadnought is offline right now on PC and PlayStation due to the weather issues in Texas. Odds are we will be down for the night," the company said on Feb 17. It plans to refund users who paid for premium access.

With around 200 data centers in Texas, it is not clear which facilities these companies were hosting with. If you know more, get in touch.

Digital Realty, Equinix, and QTS have all confirmed they have maintained uptime during the state emergency, while the major cloud providers have not listed any issues on their status pages.

As we reported previously, the storm also brought down Austin's city data center, and forced semiconductor manufacturers to shut down.