Telia is expanding its data center in Helsinki, Finland.

Telia Finland
Telia's Helsinki data center – Telia

The telco this week said it was adding 4MW of capacity to the Telia Helsinki Data Center. The build out is due to be completed in early 2025.

Telia said it was building out the new capacity to meet increased demand for AI.

Located in Helsinki's Pitäjänmäki suburb and launched in 2018 with 24MW of capacity, the colocation site currently spans 34,000 square meters. Telia previously told DCD that the site could eventually grow to support up to 100MW of IT load.

The heat collected from the data center is transferred to the district heating network and distributed to “thousands” of homes and properties in Helsinki, according to the company.

"With a modular structure, we ensured the expansion possibilities of the data center, because the world and our customers' needs are changing," said Michael Holm, Telia's global sector lead. "There are a lot of new players on the AI ​​front whose need for data center power has suddenly increased to tens of megawatts. That means hundreds of new racks and an investment of tens of millions of euros.”

The site’s UPS systems are connected to Finland’s grid to provide capacity when needed.