UK data center module provider Sonic Edge has delivered an immersion cooling pod to Castrol's Berkshire research site in the UK.

sonic edge pod
– Sonic Edge

Sonic Edge last week said it has delivered a 100kW MegaPod – a modular equipped with Submer Megapod immersion tanks (and referred to as an immersion pod on the company’s site) – to the oil company in partnership with the cooling company.

“The crane and safety team made a complex lift and place look extremely easy,” said Sonic Edge founder and CEO Stuart Priest. “Getting it into a position it could be lifted from was a task in itself as was getting it from the flatbed into position. The Pod sits on concrete plinths and it had to be a millimeter perfect landing, which of course it was.”

Lubricant maker and BP subsidiary Castrol has developed a cooling fluid for use in immersion cooling tanks. The company has previously partnered with Submer, which provides the tanks. The two companies are also involved in a project with ResetData in Australia, which has deployed immersion pods in an office building in Sydney. Castrol has also joined GRC’s ElectroSafe Fluid Partner Program.

SonicEdge is a UK-based provider of modular prefabricated data centers founded in 2020. It offers multi-tenanted or single-user prefabricated data center pods in capacities ranging from 50–100kW and can use direct expansion (DX), chilled water, and immersion cooling.

The Sonic Supermax pod starts at 20 racks and can reach up to 100+ racks.