Australian cloud service provider ResetData has deployed a liquid-cooled data center laboratory in Sydney.

The lab is to be used as a test and simulation lab for ResetData's immersion-cooled data center technology. According to the company, it is one of the first full-stack AI and machine learning testing facilities with a liquid-cooled environment in Asia Pacific.

151 clarence street
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Supported by a collaboration with Dell Technologies and Intel, the laboratory will enable ResetData to test its immersion-cooled cloud server infrastructure. Castrol BP, Submer, and Siemon also provided support for the laboratory.

Thus far, the company has deployed two 100kW server "pods" in the laboratory, which is housed in the basement of Investa's 151 Clarence Street tower in Sydney. This uses Submer's liquid-cooling technology, and modified Dell servers containing Intel chips. The resulting density that can be achieved by ResetData is 18kW per sqm.

"By working with high-performance technology providers such as Dell Technologies and Intel, we are developing the next generation of data center technology at our test and simulation lab," said ResetData's co-founder and managing director Bass Salah.

According to ResetData, by late next year, the company will have connected the server pods to 151 Clarence Street's hot water supply. The building's landlord, real estate firm Investa, is looking to see how the model could be scaled up across its portfolio.

Users can also benefit from ResetData's Liquid Cooling as a service offering which provides end-to-end liquid cooling stacks, either as a capex or opex expense. ResetData notes that its technology will enable users to reduce their physical data center size which can thus save money on real estate.

In July 2022, Macquarie Data Centres signed a multi-year deal with ResetData to see the company using Submer's cooling technology, as well as ResetData's disaster recovery-as-a-service.