QTS’s mammoth new data center campus in Fayetteville, Georgia, could span up to 16 buildings and offer more than 6 million sq ft of space.

Citing a development of regional impact application filed with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (currently inaccessible by DCD), BisNow reports that QTS plans to develop 6.6 million sq ft (613,160 sqm) of data center space across 16 buildings on the 615-acre site.

fayetteville campus.jpg
– Fayette County

The company is also planning to build 400,000 sq ft (37,160 sqm) of office space. The development is reportedly known as 'Project Excalibur'.

QTS aims to start construction in 2023 and the site is expected to reach full build-out by 2032. BisNow reports the company noting it would be the world's largest multi-tenant data center campus.

QTS acquired the land on Fayetteville’s west side in August 2022 for $153.8 million, equating to approximately $250,000 per acre, according to the Fayette County Development Authority (FCDA). QTS is yet to make an official announcement about the project.

Previous reports on the development – which were not attributed to QTS at the time – suggest the site could extend to 250MW and 1.5 million square feet. The company is expected to invest more than $1 billion in developing the site.

The site in Fayette County outside Atlanta is currently farmland, bordered by Highway 54, Flat Creek Trail, and Tyrone Road, and has been labeled as suitable for a business park in the city's comprehensive plan. The city hopes it will provide 100 jobs and also sit well alongside an existing film production company, Trilith Studios.

The idea of a data center on the site has been in discussion for some years, the most recent proposal from Oceanic Data Centers was approved in 2020. The land was originally considered by Facebook in 2018, before the giant settled in Newton County to the East of Atlanta.

QTS has two existing campuses in Georgia; the 1033 Jefferson Street NW site in Central Atlanta, spanning more than 100 acres and offering more than 275MW of capacity; and a 385,000 sq ft (35,760 sqm) facility to the northeast of the city in Suwanee. Fayetteville, sat in Fayette County, is located around 20 miles south of Atlanta.

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