Polish data center business Beyond.pl said that it wants to do its part to help Ukrainian citizens and businesses impacted by Russia's invasion.

The company will help with IT migrations, make office space available, and try to help tech workers find jobs.

Data Center 2 Beyond.PL_Most Beautiful DC.jpg
– Beyond.pl

"We will be making available our infrastructure as well as our technicians to help all in need in the migration process," the company said in a LinkedIn post. "The services will be provided at a minimum of 80 percent discount to our regular price list."

It will also make a room with 80+ desks available from next week "for any individuals from the Ukraine - who if they settle - require access to power, computers, desk, connectivity to help get started."

Finally, Beyond.pl said that it was looking for individuals with an IT/engineering background. "We will make sure that you can have a good financial start and at least minimize the stress of being without a job and income while you look to restart," the company said.

If it can't find a role for someone, it said it would try to help them get a job with one of their customers and partners "who we hope will join in this project."

Beyond.pl operates one of the largest data centers in Poland, with 12,000 sq m (129,000 sq ft) of technical space at its Poznań site. A second facility in the city has 800 sq m (8,600 sq ft) of technical space.

Poland shares a 529km border with Ukraine, with a 25-mile long queue reported at border crossing point as hundreds of thousands flee the growing conflict.