Content delivery network, web infrastructure, and cyber security company Cloudflare said that it had removed customer cryptographic material from Ukrainian servers.

It made the decision following Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 23.

"As a precaution, we’ve removed all Cloudflare customer cryptographic material from servers in Ukraine," Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince said on Twitter.

"We continue to serve traffic there for Ukrainian users, for now, via our Keyless technology."

Keyless SSL lets sites use Cloudflare’s SSL service while retaining on-premise custody of their private keys.

The company opened a point of presence in a Kyiv data center back in 2016. The site is currently still operational.

Kyiv remains under Ukrainian control, but the city is under bombardment. Russian troops are expected to reach the capital tonight or tomorrow, unless they meet resistance. Kyiv is also experiencing Internet disruptions.

Prior to the invasion, the US State Department told staff to destroy IT equipment at its embassy in Kyiv.

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