Polish technology company Asseco Group is working to spin off its data center business.

Marek Panek, vice president of Asseco Poland, told ISBnews the company is looking to separate the data center unit, but will provide private cloud to the Asseco Group as well as external customers.

“We are currently working on separating the data center from the structures of Asseco Poland and on the basis of these resources and competencies to create the nucleus of a private cloud that will support companies from the Asseco Group in Poland, and in the long term also external clients. We will soon be ready to provide more details on the launch of this activity,” he said.

Asseco to spin-out data centers

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– Asseco

Founded in 1991, Asseco develops software and cloud services across a number of verticals including finance, healthcare, government, telecoms, and energy. Asseco Data Systems S.A. was established in 2016, and the company currently operates three data centers in Poland in Łódź, Szczecin, and Bydgoszcz.

Panek added the company has ‘high hopes’ around its presence in the German market, and is “working intensively” on acquiring its first client.

“We have many meetings and many of these talks are already at an advanced stage. our presence on this market will soon bring concrete results. We are also working intensively on the contract with [Polish satellite TV provider] Cyfrowy Polsat and we hope that we will soon finalize detailed arrangements for cooperation.”