MTS Belarus has opened a new data center in Minsk, Belerus.

Built to Tier III standards, the 370 sqm (4,000 sq ft) facility accommodates 78 rack-places for server and network equipment. MTS says the total electrical capacity of the data center is 954kW and a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.28.

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Virtual resources

The facility will host technological equipment and MTS Cloud servers. The Belarusian telecoms firm will offer virtual resources as a service (IaaS) through virtualization platforms from Cisco and Huawei.

“The new data center will significantly strengthen our position in the ICT market,” the company said in a statement. “Hundreds of large and medium-sized companies already trust us to implement cloud projects and use our infrastructure according to the IaaS model, now there is an additional feature - highly reliable physical server placement. We see ourselves among the leaders in terms of the ratio of price, quality and efficiency.”

BeCloud (also known as Belarusian Cloud Technologies) currently has one Tier III-certified facilities in Minsk, as does Belarusian telco firm A1.