Meta has been named as the company behind the planned development of a two-building data center campus in Davenport, Iowa.

The Iowa Economic Development Authority approved Meta’s application for its 328-acre campus this week.

A shell company, Vemerald LLC, proposed the construction of two data halls and ancillary facilities totaling 715,000 sq ft (66,425 sqm) earlier this month.

Davenport Iowa Campus
The planned campus – Davenport City Council, Iowa

Other specifications and timelines of the build have not been shared.

The plot of land is currently valued at $958,000, but city documents said the now-approved Meta facility will have a valuation of $420 million.

The project was subject to receiving financial support from the State of Iowa High Quality Jobs Program, administered by the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

The financial incentive for the state included the creation of 35 jobs and a minimum $800 million capital investment.

The board granted the financial provision, which permits Meta-owned Vemerald a 60 percent property tax exemption for 20 years.

Meta was also named as the company behind a 945-acre data center development in Cheyenne, Wyoming, earlier this month.

The tech giant is investing heavily in data center developments and is estimated to be spending $35-40 billion on infrastructure projects this year. Meta has also announced plans for a $800 million data center in Montgomery, Alabama, and has filed to build a new data center at its existing campus in Gallatin, Tennessee.

Meta currently has 19 data centers operational and under construction, in Virginia, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, Oregon, New Mexico, North Carolina, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Idaho, Georgia, Arizona, and Alabama in the US.

Iowa is home to more than a dozen data centers and operators including Lumen, DC Mining, CyrusOne, LightEdge, Google, Microsoft, and Meta.

On the other side of Iowa, Applied Digital recently faced opposition regarding its proposed data center build. Last month, another two-building data center campus was also proposed in Des Moines, Iowa, by Edged Energy.

There is currently only one data center listed in Davenport, owned by Bluebird Data Centers, according to