Google Fiber (GFiber) has announced plans to expand its fiber footprint to the City of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Just months after it confirmed it would enter the state of Nevada, via Clark County (which covers much of Las Vegas) next year, the company outlined its intentions to do the same in the City of Las Vegas.

Google Fiber
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In a blog post, GFiber said the Las Vegas City Council is currently considering an agreement for it to provide its Google Fiber service in the city.

GFiber said it will provide Internet speeds of up to 8Gbps if given the go-ahead to build out its fiber network.

It said it's "already working on the engineering design for Las Vegas," while it noted that the Las Vegas City Council will vote on its agreement on June 5.

"Once that is in place, we can get to work on the permitting process with city staff. GFiber plans to begin construction in the City of Las Vegas early next year and serve our first customers in 2025," the company stated.

Google Fiber also operates in a number of other states including Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas/Missouri, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Washington. The company also began the construction of its fiber rollout in Nebraska last year.

In March, the firm revealed that it was working to expand its network across North Carolina, Idaho, Texas, and Missouri.

Last February, Google Fiber launched its 5 Gig fiber service across certain US markets, first launching in Kansas City, West Des Moines, and all Utah cities. Google Fiber said the service will be expanded to other cities across the US later this year.