A data center plot outside Denver, Colorado, previously held by Microsoft and then Uber is up for lease.

longmont Colorado CBRE
Former Uber and Microsoft site is available in Colorado – CBRE

CBRE is offering a powered land site at 250 Disc Drive in Longmont for lease. The site – north of Denver and Boulder – is home to several data center modules.

According to the listing, the ‘former Microsoft and Uber data center site’ includes two 2500 kVA transformers on-site. 5MW is said to be available immediately, with an additional 5MW available within 6 months. The site includes diverse fiber routes.

“[The] landlord [is] willing to include data center modules,” the listing notes. The site is described as “ideal for AI development.”

According to a 2011 case study, the original data center modules were built on an 8-acre site by Dell for Microsoft’s Bing Maps in 60 days.

At the time it was described by Dell as a dedicated imagery processing microsite using the company’s modular data center offering to support Streetside, Bird’s Eye, aerial, and satellite image types provided by Bing Maps.

The Dell pods each offered 180kW and free-air with evaporative cooling technology to help deliver a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) as low as 1.03.

In 2015, Microsoft sold off parts of its Bing navigation business to taxi firm Uber. The deal included the data center site in Longmont.

Previously utilizing both cloud and colo data centers, Uber last year announced it was moving to Oracle and Google Cloud and closing its own data centers.

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