US liquid cooling firm ZutaCore is partnering with French automotive firm Valeo for a new data center cooling offering.

The two companies have signed an agreement that will see Valeo supply its data center cooling distribution units to ZutaCore, which will include them in its HyperCool liquid cooling offerings. Terms of the deal weren't shared.

– Valeo

Announced this week at the CES event in Las Vegas, the four-year commercial agreement will see Valeo deliver its first data center cooling components to ZutaCore in the second half of 2024.

The Valeo innovative Heat Reuse Unit (HRU) produces 60kW cooling power in a 3U form and features hot-swappable pumps. It provides hot water above 65°C (149°F) that the company says can be recovered for reuse.

ZutaCore provides the on-chip evaporation using a dielectric fluid for cooling, while Valeo develops and makes the condensation part of the system.

The two partners had previously announced their collaboration at CES 2023 to research and introduce a new method of liquid cooling for data centers.

Founded in 1923, Paris Stock Exchange-listed Valeo is an automotive supplier headquartered in France. Its offerings include powertrains, lighting, driver assistance systems, and thermal management components.

The companies said the new data center HRU has been developed through Valeo’s expertise in thermal management.

ZutaCore uses two-phase cooling; a version of liquid cooling in which the coolant is allowed to boil and condense (changing its phase), removing heat more effectively than simply using heat conduction.