Nordic data center firm EcoDataCenter is to develop a new campus in central Sweden.

The company this week announced plans for a new 150MW campus, known as EcoDataCenter 2, in Östersund, Sweden.

ecodatacenter 2 Östersund sweden.avif
– EcoDataCenter

The campus will be constructed in phases, with the first 20MW completed in 2026.

“We are constructing a new growth platform for our clients that also enables us to take the next step in sustainable data center design. At EcoDataCenter 2 we will make a future-proof facility both in terms of sustainability but also from a technical perspective being able to handle very high densities,” said Dan Andersson, CEO of EcoDataCenter.

The company said the first phase will span 32 acres and be designed with food production ‘in symbiosis’ with the data center in partnership with circular economy firm Wa3rm.

“Together with EcoDataCenter we are designing and building a circular concept from the very start, not adding it on afterwards, which is unique,” said Jaques Ejlerskov, CEO at Wa3rm.

In October 2022, the two companies said they would send excess data center heat to fish farms and greenhouses for food production, without sharing more details.

EcoDataCenter was formed as a joint venture between local energy company Falu Energi & Vatten and data center operator EcoDC AB, and announced its first project in 2015. Nordic real estate developer Areim took a majority stake in the firm in 2018 and merged with Fortlax in 2019.

The company operates five data centers across three sites in Falun, Piteå, and Stockholm.

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