An organization supporting Dutch-based providers of hosting, cloud, and Internet services has said that its members are willing to help Ukrainian IT companies.

The Dutch Cloud Community urged Ukrainian hosting and cloud companies, local and national governments, and IT companies to get in touch for free help.

– Dutch Cloud Community

"Our members collectively are offering a variety of services at no cost for the requester: backups, virtual servers, hosting of websites, mail services, DDoS protection, IPv4 space, Discord services, data center services and a range of other services," Simon Besteman, Director of the Dutch Cloud Community, said.

"Just contact us and we’ll coordinate the requests among the Dutch companies that have offered to help."

He added that while the companies will help with DDoS protection, they will not help with DDoS attacks or the hacking of sites. "We cannot break the law," Besteman said.

Ukrainian companies can get in touch at ukraine[at]

Last week, Polish data center company made a similar offer, and said that it would try to help refugees get jobs, and offered spare office space for those that needed it.

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