Bluebird Network has completed the installation of its fiber connections in Springfield, Missouri.

The project links up 61 miles (98km) of fiber cabling, laid in the surrounding Springfield area, to its Bluebird Underground data center embedded in an old repurposed mine.

Last year, Macquarie Infrastructure Partners (MIP) acquired Bluebird and, as part of the deal, Bluebird received access to around 2,500 miles of fiber in the neighboring state of Illinois. This led to Bluebird accruing a total of around 9,300 miles of fiber.

This latest fiber buildout in Springfield will be joined by another planned project in the city of Strafford, Missouri.

Outside Bluebird Underground.JPG
The outside of Bluebird Underground – Schneider Electric

Expansion plans

Michael Morey, CEO of Bluebird Network, said: “Bluebird Network is proud to provide cutting-edge Ethernet and Internet connectivity to businesses in Springfield that span the healthcare industry, governmental agencies, financial institutions, wireless providers, and other businesses within the community.

“The fiber build in Springfield is here, it is complete, and Bluebird is ready to deploy services.”

The firm's data center was bought in 2015 off of a colo called SpringNet. In November, the new owners announced its plans to extend the Bluebird Underground to provide more than 11,500 sq ft (1,000 sq m) of space. The company says the works will establish the facility as a Tier III site.

Pitched as an improvement, Bluebird says, it allows the company to keep up with competitors in cloud computing, hosting, AI, and blockchain. The expansion is expected to be completed sometime this year.