AWS has connected a satellite ground station to its cloud region in Brazil.

The company said this week it has expanded its AWS Ground Station to its South America (São Paulo) Region with an AWS Ground Station antenna location in Punta Arenas, Chile.

AWS Ground Station

First launched in 2019, this is the 10th AWS Ground Station; the company has antennas at locations in the US (Oregon, Ohio, and Hawaii; Bahrain; Stockholm, Sweden; Ireland; Sydney, Australia; Cape Town, South Africa; and Seoul, South Korea. The company noted it plans to announce more regions soon.

“Global expansion to Punta Arenas now enables satellite owners and operators to connect with their satellites and process their space workloads more frequently,” the company said in a post announcing the news. “An additional AWS Ground Station location in the Southern Hemisphere reduces the time between contacts for Low-Earth Orbit satellites.”

Microsoft recently revealed its first colocated satellite ground station at its Quincy data center in Washington, and SES said it had plans to place three more at Microsoft facilities.

Google is reportedly going to host SpaceX ground stations for its Starlink satellite constellation.

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