AWS plans to open a cloud infrastructure region in Spain.

Expected to launch in late 2022 or early 2023, AWS Spain will consist of three Availability Zones - geographically separate data centers.

Currently, AWS provides 69 such locations across 22 cloud infrastructure regions worldwide. It also has 13 more planned "zones" and four Regions in Indonesia, Italy, South Africa, and Spain.

– Wikimedia Commons/Ibrahim Iujaz

Silver linings

Peter DeSantis, AWS VP of global infrastructure and customer support, said: “Opening an AWS Region in Spain will drive more technology jobs and businesses, boosting the local economy, while enabling organizations across all industries to lower costs, increase security, and improve agility.

“We’re excited to have AWS contribute to the future growth of Spain.”

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said: "This investment from AWS will allow Spain to fully adapt to the digital transformation and develop as an international center of innovation and technology.

“Cloud computing, in addition to promoting technological progress in the private sector, will enable the Public Administration to improve the services it provides to citizens.

“We highly value AWS's commitment to the technological development of Spain and the upskilling of our citizens."