Thank you all for joining us for another one of our virtual conferences. We’re proud to be providing the industry with content from some of the world’s leading organisations, and some of the most prominent thought leaders in the industry.

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5:59PM EDT // 10:59PM BST

We finish the day with a bang, featuring our partners from Wabash, Rosendin and, Cushman and Wakefield. Our panel discussed whether specific areas previously known for their viability are becoming satured and how data centers may be relocated in the future.

You can now view this presentation on-demand now: Moving to the country - Is the move out of city centers for office workers a metaphor for data centers to relocate?

4:52PM EDT // 9:52PM BST

Steven Lim from NTT has brought us a really comprehensive overview of how the enterprise market needs to, and how they can, reach higher levels of global connectivity - it's no longer suitable to just reach local customers.

You can now view this presentation on-demand now: Life beyond on-prem: lifting the veil on the most reliable on-ramp to global connectivity

3:37PM EDT // 8:37PM BST

Our colleagues at Sunbird, FNT and ABSS have given us a great run-down of the DCIM tech they have on offer in the final Tech Showcase for New York Virtual.

You can now view this presentation on-demand now: Tech Showcase - DCIM

2:58PM EDT // 7:58PM BST

We heard from the team at SAFT about the impact the Li-ion batteries are having on data center operations, and the potential game-changers they offer the industry.

You can now view this presentation on-demand now: How will advanced battery technology provide safety in a mission critical environment?

2:02PM EDT // 7:02PM BST

We've just hosted a group of experts from Digital Realty, PJ SOLOMON, Cowen and Company and RTE Group as they discuss the role digital infrastructure is having in portfolio growth, across a range of organisations, some big, some small.

You can now view this presentation on-demand now: Panel discussion: Data center-as-an-asset: why are CRE investors betting on digital infrastructure for portfolio growth?

12:00PM EDT // 5:00PM BST

The key stakeholders that delivered this award-winning HPC deployment in Houston come together to share the partnership dynamic between the colo provider, the project delivery team and the client: SkyBox Datacenters, Critical Project Services and Down Under Geo-Soltuions

You can now view this presentation on-demand now: Case study: How we delivered a liquid-cooled 15MW HPC data center in six months

12:00PM EDT // 5:00PM BST

The team from T5 Data Centers outlined the procedures and the key technologies that have kept the lights on in data centers across the world. They also looked to future to answer the question - what parts of the business plan need to change?

You can access the presentation on-demand now: Maximize a labor-lite approach to facility maintenance and business continuity

10:51AM EDT // 3:51PM BST
Our panel featuring thought leaders from Panduit, Webair and Bloomberg LP have walked us through the key challenges and opportunities hybrid IT networks offer data center design and architecture.

This presentation is available on-demand now: Panel discussion: How is hybrid IT impacting network design architectures?

9:46AM EDT // 2:46PM BST
Sami Badri from Credit Suisse is providing the Day 3 keynote and it's packed with insights on data center consumption trends from their July CIO survey. The changes in behaviour since COVID hit are significant.

This presentation is available on-demand now: Keynote: How are CIO spending intentions on data center infrastructure changing?

8:49AM EDT // 1:49PM BST

Hello and welcome to the final day of DCD>New York Virtual. On our final day we've got presentations and panels from the likes of Panduit, NTT, Wabash Valley, T5 and more. Make sure you are registered for the event to get free access to all the content we have on offer.

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4:49PM EDT // 10:49PM BST

Our CTO Stephen Worn has walked us through the final session of Day 2 at DCD>New York Virtual. The panel is covering anything and everything concerning data center personnel safety in the face of the global pandemic. Our panel discusses whether this has ignited a change in worker safety protocol.

This presentation is available on-demand now: Panel discussion: How has the pandemic reshaped concerns around worker welfare and safety?

Remember if you want to access any of today's, or yesterday's amazing content you can access it for free through our on-demand calendar.

3:55PM EDT // 9:55PM BST

If you've been listening in, you've just heard from Carlos Mora at Corning who walked us through the practicalities of preparing your network for 5G and artificial intelligence.

Make sure you tune into the presentation from Corning, available on-demand now: Preparing your network for 5G and artificial intelligence: are you ready for 400GbE?

2:40PM EDT // 8:40PM BST

Our last Technology Showcase of the day featured quickfire showcases of the latest data center technologies to drive innovation across the construction envelope. We were joined by Brandy Byrd from Ameristar who showcased their crash rating tech, and Mark Dunn from Armstrong, who demonstrated how to confidently, design, specify, and install the right ceiling for your space.

You can access the panel on-demand: Tech Showcase: Construction Envelope

2:00PM EDT // 8:00PM BST

Dan Loosemore, CMO at DCD sat down to ask some industry thought leaders about their perspectives on the challenges of repurposing existing buildings into hi-tech data centers and how prefabrication and modular approaches are helping. As we head into a rapidly changing environment with ever-increasing demands, the topic of modular builds are becoming more and more pertinent.

You can access the panel on-demand: Panel discussion: Is modular construction key to unlocking the potential of brownfield developments?

1:45PM EDT // 6:45PM BST

Two industry titans sat down for us at DCD and talked about what kind of infrastructure will be needed for the applications of tomorrow. Smart cities to large scale network-based apps, what will need to deploy in the future? Join Cole Crawford and Paul Reddick for this in-depth chat.

The panel is now available on-demand: Fireside Chat: What computing infrastructure is needed to support the applications of the future?

12:57PM EDT // 5:57PM BST

Tony Despirito of BGIS lead an expert panel featuring thought leaders from BGIS, Cyxtera Technologies and KPMG to discuss how operations in critical environments have adapted and morphed to ensure continuous uptime and availability.

The panel is now available on-demand: Panel discussion: Examining critical operations during and post COVID-19

11:51AM EDT // 4:51PM BST

Our CTO Stephen Worn asked our panelists what is needed to update the status quo for data centers to meet the demands of modern software design, while meeting the challenge of massive scale without overwhelming the energy grid. What modern software design is needed to maximize performance?

The expert panel featuring Kushagra Vaid, Microsoft, John Goodacre, Bamboo Systems and Steve Schwarzbek, Northrop Grumman Corporation is available now on-demand: Panel discussion: Why are servers stuck in decades-old legacy architecture?

10:57AM EDT // 3:57PM BST

Our Tech Showcases highlight the latest and greatest in data center technologies. Today's showcase on Generators and Back-Up Power featured: René Kristensen, ATD, Critical Power System Specialist, DEIF and Shane Wolfram, Vice President of US Sales, E+I Engineering Ltd.

You can view the presentations on-demand now: Tech Showcase - Generators and Back-Up Power

9:50AM EDT // 2:50PM BST

For our first session of the day we were lucky to be joined Arash Marzban of Stackpath. Arash gave a fantastic overview of of edge nodes can outperform cloud, especially in distributed networks.

You can view his presentation on-demand now: Why we are betting on ‘cloud offload’ and delivering compute at the edge

8:20AM EDT // 1:20PM BST

Hello and good morning, afternoon, evening, wherever you are - in just under an hour we are off with DCD>New York Virtual Day 2. Make sure you are registered for the event as we have an action packed day with presentations and panels from the likes of E+I, Bamboo, BGIS, Vertiv, Corning and more.

You can catch up with our sessions from Day 1 for free, on-demand using the resources below.

5:16PM EDT // 10:16PM BST

George Rockett is talking with ScaleMatrix, Nvidia and GRCooling about the proliferation of AI use cases across the enterprise and what the data center design roadmap is for high density deployments. There is a big edge computing angle here #AIanywhere.

Watch this session on-demand now Panel discussion: How is the ‘age of AI’ changing the way we design the modern data center?

4:53PM EDT // 9:53PM BST

The penultimate session of the day featured a comprehensive presentation from Robert Maroney of Piller Power Systems. Robert provided us with a topology and a technology deep dive; making real comparisons between UPS solutions which dispel the myths that have grown up in data center design.

You can now access the presentation on-demand: A UPS technology re-evaluation for scale-out data centers - why UPS market choices are no longer static.

3:47PM EDT // 8:47PM BST

If you're searching for the latest in battery technologies, the Tech Showcase at New York Virtual is what you need to be watching. We were joined by Chuck Mathias of East Penn and Christian Laurenzano from Janitza, who both showcased what they have on offer.

From Janitza, we were shown the new UMG804 Branch Circuit Monitoring System, which is the heart of Janitza’s advanced intelligent PDU monitoring and data center solutions. Chuck also walked us through Eastpen's Deka Reserve Power Battery Solutions.

Make sure you tune into the session, available on-demand now: Tech Showcases - Batteries and Monitoring

2:26PM EDT // 7:26PM BST

Sherman Ikemoto of Future Facilities has given us a fantastic overview of how a digital twin built on predictive physical modelling introduces knowledge and certainty to the data center capacity planning process. A comprehensive look at the benefits digital twin technology can offer data center operators, especially in the age of Covid-19.

This session is now available on-demand: Is digital twin technology the missing ingredient in the control of cost and risk in data center operations?

1:00PM EDT // 6:00PM BST

This session is exploring Uptime's tenth annual data center survey, the largest and most comprehensive research study of its kind, which reveal what operators around the world are thinking, doing and planning in the areas of efficiency, resiliency, workload placement, staffing and new technology adoption. What spin will COVID-19 put on all this?

Watch this session on-demand now: How is the data center industry adapting to unpredictable change?

12:00PM EDT // 5:00PM BST

Seemingly overnight, a global pandemic shifted the world from business as normal to business abnormal. Schneider Electric's Kevin Brown is taking a deep dive into the company's and the industry's response to the pandemic and what lessons have been learnt.

Watch this session on-demand now Behind the scenes: Lessons learned from the pandemic and its ongoing impact on the industry

11:00AM EDT // 4:00PM BST

Live now is a session from our friends at Excool, John Pettitt will present an introduction to Excool’s indirect adiabatic cooling system – how it works, why choose indirect and how it can benefit potential clients.

Watch this session on-demand now Is a zero-water approach still optimal for the removal of heat?

9:20AM EDT // 2:20PM BST

Business leaders from Schneider Electric, Microsoft and Cyxtera are sharing their experiences and operational reactions to the pandemic from the outset and how their business have had to adapt to the circumstances. It's especially interesting given the global scale of their operations.

Watch this session on-demand now Panel discussion: Risks, rewards and responsible business: how has the industry responded to the challenge to remain 24/7 in the face of the pandemic?

8:17AM EDT // 12:17PM BST

We've kicking off the day with our Opening Keynote Panel - with technology leaders from BlueJeans, CloudFlare and New York Hospital for Special Surgery who will be talking about how data infrastructure coped with the explosion of demand following the Covid-19 outbreak.

Watch this session on-demand now Opening keynote panel: How did our infrastructure cope with the explosive demand from home working?