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Training for on-premise facilities teams

The multi-disciplinary nature needed for the design and operation of 7x24 mission critical data center environments often makes it difficult to find adequately prepared staff. DCPRO can help you tailor a professional development strategy that up-skills your team and prepares them for the many challenges they will face managing an on-premise data center portfolio.

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We can help your facilities teams to drive energy efficiency gains across the business

Professional development is key to making sure that your facility teams understand best practice and can drive an energy smart approach to operations.

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We can help your engineering teams get up-to-date for new construction projects

Whether your're planning to build a new data center or to modernize an existing facility our advanced level courses help your engineers evaluate their options.

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We can help your IT operations teams better understand facilities capacity constraints

Professional development can provide a common language for IT & Facilities and help to drive a more collaborative culture within your organization or with external partners.

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We can help your technicians to improve customer service and manage availability

Providing basic education to your technicians and facilities staff can help you avoid costly downtime and make sure that you provide a safe working environment.

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Major enterprises we work with

What our clients say

  • In terms of how my training helped me in the day to day requirements of my role as a Global Data Center Lead at GSK, the Cooling Professional and Power Professional courses were particularly useful. Cooling Pro was essential in my learning of how to properly finetune cooling mechanics, while Power Pro was key to my work with the generators and uninterruptible power supplies, especially when it came to improving efficiency.

    Prash Wimalaratnam | Global Data Center Lead | GSK