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DCD>Debate: Nuclear power's fallout - Is anyone convinced by the latest advancements?

On the back of COP 2024, world leaders met at the first-ever Nuclear Energy Summit and agreed to increase nuclear energy to address energy security rapidly. Climate change and economic development were also part of the conversation. Yet, nuclear power integration into data centers is characterized by resistance.

Sceptics emphasize safety concerns, logistical challenges, and the impracticality of having reactors in urban areas, especially next to critical infrastructure such as data centers. They point to the economy of scale for each reactor and the lack of long-term power purchase agreements needed to generate investment.

But, interest in nuclear power is growing and some organizations are convincing local communities and regulatory committees of the feasibility and viability of nuclear-powered data centers. As new technologies like SMRs come to the floor in increased numbers, does this mean the argument for nuclear is becoming more compelling? So which side is more convincing?

Held under Chatham House Rule, DCD>Debates are open discussions led by a panel of experts, on the biggest issues to face the industry.