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DCD>Debate: Is heat-reuse a ‘burning’ issue for data centers?

Sustainability targets. Climate legislation. Things are heating up: literally! With the rise in global temperatures and power-hungry infrastructure, what are we to do with waste heat in the US? But with the chronic lack of infrastructure to support heat reuse, it's not looking likely that public pools, private homes, or even cannabis farms will see this heat soon.

Despite this, could heat reuse be feasible: build it and they will come? With increased investment, and forward-thinking can you improve your data center standards? Will building for heat reuse become an economic and practical reality in the next 3-5 years? And how can we address the ironies of heat re-use - will the energy needed to operate heat pumps increase energy consumption? What will happen to PUE records? Is there enough expertise spanning the HVAC industry and innovative technologies, like thermosyphon technology, to showcase untapped possibilities for heat recovery?

Conducted under Chatham House Rule, this DCD>Debate invites experts to dissect these pivotal industry issues.