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Major Panel: AI and the data center - Insights from the experts

In an era where generative AI and high-density applications are reshaping industries, understanding their influence on data center design and operations is crucial for forward-thinking leaders. Are we on the brink of a revolutionary new paradigm? Join this panel to understand:

  • Operational Advantages: Dive into how AI can potentially revolutionize data center design and operation. Harness expert insights to optimize your data center for efficiency, reliability, and cutting-edge innovation.
  • Strategic Foresight: Separate hype from reality. Determine if AI's integration into data center design and operations represents a fleeting trend or a lasting transformation.
  • Investment Clarity: As the next generation of data centers looms on the horizon, make informed capital decisions. Identify if the AI-driven paradigm is a broad industry shift or a specific niche, ensuring your investments align with future demand.