Omar N. Elissa

Distinguished Technologist, Hybrid Cloud , Worldwide, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Mr. Elissa is a 25-year veteran of the critical facilities industry as a recognized critical facilities technologist and leader in this field. He focuses on technology, critical facilities infrastructure, data centers, delivering engineering services as a project lead and is a subject matter expert in the data center strategy, planning, sourcing, designing, commissioning and operations of critical computer networks cabling infrastructure, and data center infrastructure management, as well as developing engineering databases.

As a technology consultant and a professional engineer, Mr. Elissa participated and led over 160 major projects of varying facility types totaling around 20 million square feet of data processing critical facilities space, such as data centers, call centers, trading floors, office buildings, hospitals, biotech pharmaceuticals clean-rooms, network operations control rooms, telco, higher education, corporate and university campuses, and varying government buildings.

At Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Center Facilities, Mr. Elissa is a worldwide Distinguished Technologist and client consulting principal with a focus on the Technology Infrastructure practice. In this role, he has the overarching responsibility for all the projects delivered for this specialty services. He is also a core contributor to data center product development at HPE. Mr. Elissa is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Delaware since 2004.

Mr. Elissa is sought globally to provide strategic consulting to international enterprise organizations in a variety of industries such as financial services, securities exchanges, information technology, telecommunications, national and international retail chains, pharmaceutical & research, higher education, healthcare, energy & petrochemicals, utilities providers as well as federal, state and local governments & defense entities, as well as Artificial Intelligence and high performance computing (HPC).

Mr. Elissa received his Master of Science in Technology Management from the Stevens Institute of Technology in 2001 in Hoboken, New Jersey and his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Marquette University in 1997 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.