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New Tech on the Block: Innovation Showcase

Data center industry stalwart, Peter Gross once said "...the data center industry loves innovation, as long as it's ten years old"!

In this Innovation Hour, hosted by Bill Kleyman, we bring some of the newest and most exciting technologies to the stage and ask their developers how the industry is responding. From thought-provoking operational technologies to the latest advances in energy consumption, this tech deep-dive will give us a glimpse of what lies ahead for the industry.

2:00 pm RPower - Turnkey microgrid solutions to avoid power outages and improve resilience

2:20 pm Chekhub - Utilize a centralized and real-time Operations Management Platform

to manage, scale, and empower your most valuable resource - your people.

2:40pm Juvo Energy - Innovative technology that enables data collection, reduces energy consumption, and unlocks the benefits of sub-metering to avoid high charges.