Casey Keller

Founding Partner, Juvo Energy

Casey is a founding partner at Juvo Energy, where she focuses on developing sites for large load

interconnection. Juvo is her first foray into the data center world, however she previously ran

development companies for renewable energy (wind, solar, battery storage) projects. At various points

in her career, she has run the commercial and portfolio management across North America for various

commodities tradinghouses and energy companies, including stints for such companies as Caerus

Commodities, Engie, and Sumitomo. She has helped develop, construct, structure, and operate wind,

solar, biomass, LNG, natural gas/thermal, and biofuels assets. Casey enjoy creating well-sited, bespoke,

early stage development projects and selling those de-risked assets to other entities to help them

further their goals. Structuring deals and partnerships that benefit all entities has been the cornerstone

of her career in the energy space.