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DCD>Debate: Scope 3 - mission impossible?

Scope 3 emissions have become a contentious issue within the data center industry, particularly with recent announcements from key players around not being able to meet future targets. As stakeholders demand greater environmental responsibility, operators face the challenge of accounting for and reducing their indirect emissions across their supply chain. From hardware manufacturing and transportation to end-of-life disposal, the scope of responsibility extends far beyond their own operations.

How can data centers take on this ‘mission impossible’? What is required in terms of collaborative efforts with suppliers, customers, and policymakers to make the impossible possible? And at what point should the debate move onto Scope 4 and the role of the data center in ‘avoided emissions’?

Held under Chatham House Rule, DCD>Debates are open discussions led by a panel of experts, on the biggest issues to face the industry.