Join 750+ Top Professionals Looking for New Technologies and Services and hear from 100+ Industry Experts Discuss the Future of Digital Infrastructure Deployment.
It's the Ultimate Discovery Experience for the Data Center Industry Supply Chain.

Here are just some of the companies that attended in 2022:

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  • This industry is evolving and accelerating at lightning speed, and the DCD conference program always seems to have its finger right on the pulse!

    EYP Mission Critical
  • We need to meet vendors face-to-face because we've always got more questions. And it’s not just about understanding the nuances of the tech - it’s about building the trust too. This new event model really helps me and my team be efficient with our time.

  • It's great to have an event like this so close to all the data center activity in Santa Clara. This has always been a must-attend event for me.

  • #dcdconnectlive was epic on so many levels! So many great discussions from grid dependence to #ai...So many great people looking to engage the supply chain exploring everything from new tech to inspiration on positive change but it has to be said great organization and delivery by the DatacenterDynamics team.

    Liam Round, DEIF
  • I had a great time earlier this week at DatacenterDynamics DCD Connect > New York. It's always a pleasure connecting with new people and staying on top of the latest data center trends!

    Rose Celestin, AWS
  • What an amazing conference, #dcdconnect in New York, bringing together industry leaders having interesting discussions on today’s important relevant topics.

    Belinda Leigh-Hall, PMC Group I
  • It was a wonderful event. Lots of great people and incredible conversations about our future and a bit of the now just for fun.

    Ed Meier, TRINITY Group Mission Critical
  • Incredible 2 days in New York well done to DatacenterDynamics for a great conference program. Thank you to Nancy Novak and Heather Dooley for the invitation to the IMasons Women lunch and for an inspirational talk on #diversityandinclusion

    Kelly Phillips, Moy Materials
  • I had the pleasure of attending my first ever Data Center Dynamics conference this year, and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed with the event. The DCD production team did an excellent job of putting together a program that addressed some of the most pressing challenges facing the digital infrastructure community today.

    Priyal Chheda, Corgan