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Our CSR Initiatives

Explore some of the CSR initiatives we'll be running at DCD>Connect | Silicon Valley

Carbon Offsetting, in partnership with Schneider Electric

Following on from a fantastic initiative at DCD>Connect | New York, where we partnered with Schneider Electric to carbon-offset the emissions from the event by planting 500 trees as part of Project National Forest Recovery, USA, we're delighted to announce that we'll continue the partnership at our upcoming Silicon Valley event.

We'll be planting enough trees in the Schneider Electric Forest to fully offset circa 200t of CO2 emissions, executed through Tree-Nation, an official United Nations Environment Programme Partner.

The Schneider Electric Forest project has so far planted 20,562 trees across 20.74 hectares, offsetting 2,833.94 tones to date.

DCD's COO, Dan Loosemore said, "we appreciate this partnership with Schneider Electric to help reduce our climate impact. Deforestation is responsible for roughly 17% of all climate change emissions and working in the data center industry and running global events, we must do our part in decreasing the impact."

DCD appreciates that offsetting is just one of the tools at our disposal as a business and we look forward to announcing further initiatives in due course. We are extremely grateful to Schneider for their outstanding support. 

DCD>Next-Gen Workforce Development Program: Data Centers Need Talent

The data center industry is still facing a huge talent shortage and bringing in the next generation who will design, build and operate digital infrastructure is absolutely critical.

To help address this huge challenge, DCD and DCD>Academy are partnering with local colleges and universities in a student outreach program. The DCD>Next-Gen Workforce Development Program is designed to raise awareness of the data center industry and educate the next generation on the career opportunities available.

We will be holding a dedicated panel discussion, featuring industry experts who will share their experiences and own career journeys, and provide insight into the skills required and where digital infrastructure can take the next generation.

Following this panel will be an interactive Q&A with the speakers, and then the opportunity to visit the event Show Floor and learn more about the industry.