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How data center builders are meeting the demand for digital infrastructure in the APAC region

New episodes of DCD>Building at Scale APAC will be streaming live on April 12th 2023

Over the last several years, Asia Pacific has experienced huge growth in terms of data center investment. Growing economies and a skilled workforce means that the region has a strong draw for hyperscalers and colocation providers. Despite this, growth in some countries of has been marred by issues with land availability, moratoriums and geopolitical uncertainty. However, the APAC region remains attractive to investors and is one of the fastest growing, if not the fastest growing, data center region in the world.

In this broadcast, we will explore which regions in Asia Pacific are likely to experience the most growth for the rest of 2023 and into 2024, and how data centers can build for success in the region. Is there likely to be continued rapid growth in Tier 2 markets and how will this affect the data center landscape? How can data centers help to bridge the region's digital divides? Furthermore, expert speakers will discuss what data centers are doing to build sustainably in the face of non-stop construction, and the modifications the industry is making to meet and exceed requirements in this area.

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