2 Days
21–22 October 2019 The Fairmont
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The Future of Digital Infrastructure for Colo, Telco, Cloud & MSP

5th Annual Show: At a Glance

  • people icon 500+ Attendees
  • microphone icon 50+ Speakers
  • clock icon 9+ Hours of Dedicated Networking
  • lightbulb icon 40+ Sponsors & Exhibitors

Why DCD>Dallas?

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is an economic powerhouse supporting multiple tech enabled sectors such as defence, financial services, information technology and transportation. Dallas itself serves as one of the most important telecoms interconnection points in the country making it a magnet for data center activity. 

This national event pulls together the most senior decision makers from the world of colocation, cloud and telco data centers to discuss how the next generation of Infrastructure-as-a-service will be designed, built and interconnected.

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Speakers Include

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Key Themes

  • Modernization icon
    Building at Scale & Speed

    Exploring greenfield design, construction techniques and supply chain challenges

  • Transformation Icon
    Planning for 5G, AI & Edge

    Planning for growth and predicting capacity demands for evolving digital infrastructure architectures

  • Energy Icon
    Energy Smart Infrastructure

    Designing and operating hi-efficiency, hi-reliability and hi-density mission critical environments

  • Boardroom Icon
    The Business of Data Centers

    Developing successful global site selection and energy procurement strategies

Conference Agenda


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You qualify for a free enterprise pass if:

  1. Your company is an enterprise with data-center needs
  2. You, as an individual, are directly engaged, as a management or technical professional in planning, strategy, systems design, sourcing, purchasing, procurement, adoption, implementation, integration and operations of an IT organization, data center or cloud services.

Individuals with business development/marketing/sales titles or job responsibilities representing vendors and industry supplier/service provider firms do not qualify for an enterprise pass, and should apply for a VENDOR pass. 


You qualify for a free service provider pass if: 

  1. Your company is an owner/operator of:
    1. Private, on‐premise data center
    2. Multi‐tenant co-location data center
    3. Internet host, telecom provider, carrier hotel d) Cloud IaaS/PaaS


You qualify for a free advisory pass if: 

  1. Your company is a technical consultancy (architect, engineering, building/design / system integration) not a professional services firm.
  2. Your firm is NOT engaged in, and does not earn revenues directly from, the selling or reselling of any products as a dealer, distributor or value-adder. You must not be engaged in sales/business development activity. 

You need to purchase a vendor pass if your organisation provides technology, products or services to the data center sector and you, as an individual work in a senior management, marketing or business development role.

  • DCD is an invaluable source for both thought leadership, the introduction of cutting edge ideas and simply for developing new business opportunities.

    Rick Einhorn, EYP Mission Critical Facilities
  • DCD sets the bar for high quality data center industry events, networking and knowledge-sharing.

    Oman N Elissa, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • DCD does a great job at putting together an event that enables us to share some of our perspectives but also to be able to get feedback from people.

    Kevin Brown, Schneider Electric