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The Fairmont


  • This is a natural place for us to introduce some of our latest products to existing customers in high tech and new prospects, to really gain access to those on the infrastructure side who are looking at the latest capabilities and functionality.

    Mark Gaydos, Nlyte Software
  • DCD does a great job at putting together an event that enables us to share some of our perspectives but also to be able to get feedback from people.

    Kevin Brown, Schneider Electric
  • DCD is a great partner. They have a large presence and a wide audience. They are very well known in the industry for big initiatives and bringing the industry together, so we choose this event specifically to drive our new announcements.

    Kushagra Vaid, Microsoft
  • DCD is an invaluable source for both thought

    leadership, the introduction of cutting edge ideas

    and simply for developing new business


    Rick Einhorn, EYP Mission Critical Facilities
  • DCD give a good overview of what people in the field are thinking about.

    George Giraldi, Columbia University
  • DCD sets the bar for high quality data center industry events, networking and knowledge-sharing.

    Oman N Elissa, Hewlett Packard Enterprise