Trey Wiederhold

Distinguished Member Technical Staff, Modular Infrastructure Solutions, Dell EMC

Trey Wiederhold is a deeply experienced and accomplished engineer who blends technical rigor with the cultivation of deep customer and partner relationships. Currently as a Technical Staff Engineer in the Modular Infrastructure Solutions at Dell EMC, Trey develops the companywide modular infrastructure technology architectures, integration strategy, fulfilment, and service models for both domestic and global solutions. He works with strategic customers to extract design requirements and architect bid responses, then coordinates with suppliers, service partners, and integration partners to deliver modular infrastructure globally. In this role, he has architected and delivered multiple modular infrastructure solutions across the technology portfolio.

Previously to joining Dell Trey worked as a consulting engineer designing HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection systems for commercial buildings, data centers, and education facilities. Trey has experience designing cooling systems using an array of different cooling technologies including Direct Expansion, Large Chilled Water Systems, Direct/Indirect Evaporative Cooling Systems, Geothermal Systems, and Heating Water systems.

Trey received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University. He is named on 15 patents in Information Technology and Modular Data Centers.

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