Steve Beber

CEO, Assetspire

CEO at Assetspire Steve Beber is the CEO, leader, and inspiration behind Assetspire, a data centre infrastructure software company revolutionising the industry with a keen focus on asset control and sustainability. Steve officially launched the Assetspire brand name in 2011, but the company has been running since 2008.

Before beginning his Assetspire journey, Steve gained 15+ years of experience in the industry through varying leadership roles before spotting a gap in the market for full life cycle asset control and visualisation of data. Assetspire has audited hundreds of businesses with millions of assets and amassed a wealth of knowledge for which he has featured in multiple magazines, blogs and has spoken at events.

Steve is a qualified electrician and has co-owned 3 other businesses, where has carried out a range of roles spanning from operations to business development and management.

However, life isn't all about work, Steve is also a charming family man, with a wife and children. Steve also enjoys various water sports, running, skiing, spending quality time with his wife and children in his downtime. After all, even successful moguls need time to relax.

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