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[WATCH NOW] The metrics and monitoring revolution: Leveraging data to provide meaningful oversight of an operation

This session took place on October 5, 2022

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As the data center industry continues to experience unprecedented growth, they must ramp up their activity to meet demand, whilst also aligning their operations with net zero targets and managing CapEx to keep their shareholders happy. These challenges are compounded by the ongoing issue of siloed departments, as well as the reliance on archaic metrics such as PUE, which fail to provide accurate internal benchmarks for data centers to track their progress towards targets. So, how do data centers overhaul their monitoring systems and leverage data to embed intelligence into their operations?

During this episode, experts will share tangible information on how data centers can take the necessary steps to enhance their data analysis and connect their departments to provide accurate insights into the total picture for their facility. Critically this session will answer the questions: How can an operation reliably track their sustainability efforts to develop a global impact analysis? How can new practices be embedded into existing infrastructure? How can digital twins be leveraged to ensure robust systems? What are the considerations for fragmented businesses, such as edge facilities?

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