Rebecca Tisdale

Learning Experience Global Leader

Rebecca has worked as the Global Learning Experience Lead for a large colocation company and has supported an audience of 8,000 mission critical technical staff, who support the world’s leading companies.

Rebecca has over 15 years of experience of designing, leading and coordinating cutting edge learning programmes for the technology sector and we are certain she will be able to add tonnes of value to the discussion.

These programmes are learner centric in design, utilising next generation learning technologies that drive:

  • Performance
  • Safety
  • Competency
  • Engagement

Rebecca is skilled at translating mission critical process & procedures into learning solutions that technical professionals can put into practice in high risk, high pressure situations and in the flow of work.

As a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute, Rebecca keeps abreast of the latest learning technology trends, innovations and practices in a rapidly evolving industry.

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