Leon Gommans

Science Officer, Air France - KLM

Leon Gommans is a Science Officer at Air France KLM, Group IT Strategy & Technology Office, R&D department. Main research topic: Data Exchange Systems supporting Digital Data Marketplaces, a concept enabling fair, economic, and trusted data sharing between autonomous organizations. Concepts provide data science algorithm developers with a large variety of data in order to achieve common benefits no single organization could reach on its own. Main research use-case area's: Aircraft predictive maintenance and cargo logistics. Founding member Amsterdam Data Exchange. Linking research with industry standards and consortia efforts. Member SAE Digital & Data Steering Group, Health Management (HM1), Electronic Transactions for Aerospace (G.31) and Applied AI for Flight Critical Systems (G.34) working groups to contribute data sharing research. Co-initiator SAE ITC Exchangewell industry consortium initiative to enable data sharing. Endowed professor "Data Exchange Systems" at University of Amsterdam within its System and Network Engineering Lab. Researching data sharing in NWO top-sector research projects (Smart Industry, Logistics, Health), NWA VWdata and eScience SecConNet and EU H2020 project ReMAP.

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