Kaniz Mahdi

VP Advanced Technologies | Telco Edge Cloud, VMware

Kaniz Mahdi is Vice President of Advanced Technologies at VMware. In this role, Kaniz is responsible for long term vision and architecture direction for VMW Telco Edge Cloud Platform, while shaping the next chapter of wireless evolution with fusion of B5G/6G, AI and Cloud. Prior to VMware, Kaniz held various technology leadership positions at Ericsson, Huawei, Ciena and Nortel.

With 45+ patent grants, Kaniz has a stellar record of continuously pushing the envelope on new technologies. She is an inventor of essential technologies underpinning current Voice over LTE systems and has been instrumental in defining the 5G era landscape with disruptive technologies (e.g. SDN/NFV & O-RAN). Kaniz’s current technology focus is on research incubation for new technologies that sit at the cross section of B5G/6G, AI/ML, Time Sensitive Communications, High Performance Distributed Compute and Complex Adaptive Systems for enablement of Collaborative Controls Systems of the B5G/6G era.

Kaniz serves on the board of 5G Americas and Linux Foundation Networking, and has previously served on the ONF boards for ONOS and CORD initiatives.

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